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The 20 Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing

There are no shortage of misconceptions involving guerrilla marketing. It is frequently conflated with street marketing–and while this is a form of it, guerrilla marketing is much broader in scope, and much more importantly, what it means to be a guerrilla marketer is deeply philosophical.

Guerrilla marketing is the process of achieving conventional marketing goals through unconventional methods. Over the next twenty months, we’ll examine each of the guerrilla marketing secrets and their application and relevance in modern sponsorship marketing.

Guerrilla sponsorship marketing sounds like an oxymoron: achieving conventional goals through unconventional means has typically been necessitated by of a lack of resources, but North American sponsorship marketing spending will exceed $20 billion dollars this year. However, this does not mean that the guerrilla mindset cannot be applied to sponsorship marketing.

Guerrilla marketing works every single time if you do it right. How to do it right in a sponsorship is still up for debate–one that Magic City Analytics intends to win.